How to bring safety to the body after trauma

Your Autonomic Nervous System apprenticeship starts here. Veterans, children who have experienced abuse or neglect, and others who have suffered single event trauma are often left with emotional and psychological scars. Despite decades of effort, there are no clear-cut answers about how to heal them.Pills, talk therapy, and support groups help some people but not … Continue reading How to bring safety to the body after trauma

Trauma and that ‘soul feeling’

Image: "Soul" via Pixar Childhood trauma has been a hot topic for discussion in the psychological world since Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Bessel van der Kolk dropped their body-based theories in the 1990s. While traditional talk (cognitive) modalities were able to effectively address many mental and emotional health challenges, somatic psychologists believed they could … Continue reading Trauma and that ‘soul feeling’

Safety: The antidote to “bad” behaviour

Many adoptive and foster caregivers find themselves confronted with behaviours that impact daily life—not being able to get out of bed in the morning, throwing things, hoarding food, violence and abuse, sexually acting out, emotionally short-fused, or flat-lined. It is no surprise caregivers seek out mental health professionals to "fix" the behaviours. Psychotherapist and co-author … Continue reading Safety: The antidote to “bad” behaviour

Overcoming the codependency / narcissism dynamic

Have you ever had a child who made a mess and, when challenged, denies it—even if the evidence lies on his face or hands? He tells the obvious lie because he is unsure what the outcome will be. The false story is borne out of feelings of vulnerability (primarily, emotions of fear and/or shame). Codependency … Continue reading Overcoming the codependency / narcissism dynamic